Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Classes in the Studio

For the winter, I will be focussing more on classes and will not have any guest artists showing in the gallery (my own work will always be on display). Here's the info:

Drawing from the Figure - Saturdays, 10 - 12 p.m. -drawing in charcoal, using both nude and clothed models, emphasis on general drawing skills, not anatomical accuracy, Jan. 8 - Feb. 5

Painting from the Still Life - Saturdays, 2-4 p.m. - painting in acrylic, learning about composition and color, Jan. 8 - Feb. 5

Drawing and Design for Children (ages 9 - 12) - Fridays, 3:30 - 5 p.m. - exploring line, shape and composition using a variety of materials, Jan 7 - Feb. 4

All five -week classes are $150.
Individual classes in either drawing or painting are always available and are $35. for a 90 min. class or $50. for two hours.

Holiday Open House Brings Artists and Artlovers Together

It was a beautiful day and the gallery had a constant flow of visitors on Saturday. Above are two of the artists in the show - Chris Lawrence and Suzanne Kossoy- chatting about art and life. The other two photos are of Chris Lawrence's sculptures in steel and found material, and the primary colors of the late Eddie Kindberg's painting on the wall behind. The artists in the group show enjoyed the chance to talk together and see each other's work and the possibility of a continuing artists' "salon" was suggested. Any comments or ideas?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Show preview

The show is hung and looks great! Here's a few samples of what will be on view this Saturday.
From top to bottom, they are:
a mixed media piece by Joan Monastero (window with a view of the Arctic Regions maps)
next to a painting of mine of a stormy Cape Cod scene
an interior by Viki Markle
five small paintings of mine
a vibrant still life by Suzanne Kossoy
a group of lovely pastoral landscapes by Greg Arnett
two photos of local landscape by Trina Greene
ceramic wall pieces by Brenda Lawrence

Chris Lawrence will be showing some new wall-mounted welded steel constructions also.
Hope to see you on Saturday. The gallery will also be open 12 - 5 on Sunday this weekend and next, but without the party!
After Christmas, I will return to the Saturday only hours for the rest of the month, or by appointment.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upcoming Events - Holiday Group Show

As Thanksgiving approaches, we all begin to plan the holidays ahead - a wonderful distraction from these short days and darkness! I will be celebrating at the gallery with a group show of many of my favorite local artists, including wall-mounted mixed media from Joan Monastero and Chris Lawrence, paintings from Greg Arnett, Viki Markle, and Suzanne Kossoy, watercolors of Rob Greene, photos by Trina Greene, and wall ceramics from Brenda Lawrence. A selection of my winter landscapes will also be shown in my studio area. All work will be on the affordable end of the price scale, with gift-giving in mind (for yourself is okay too!) The Holiday Open House will be December 11, from 1 - 6 p.m. Come and bring your friends!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rob Greene's Opening

Rob's show looked great and we had a wonderful turnout for the opening on Saturday. I was having such a good time I forgot to take some pics while everyone was there, but here's a few of the last to leave , the artist among them. Four of the smaller paintings have sold, so get to the show this month to have your pick!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November show of my own work

For those of you who have been checking my posts, this is a revision of my November show - I decided it was too soon to have to see snow! That will wait until next month - I have many beautiful winter landscapes that need to be put up, so check them out before Christmas. I will be putting up some new fall work - hot off the easel- as well as a selection of work from the last few autumns. As you can see in these examples, they range from the brightest crescendo of the season to the rich, muted tones of November.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rob Greene, Watercolors from the Maine Coast

The upcoming show for November will be Rob Greene's "Watercolors from the Main Coast".
The opening will be Saturday, Nov. 6, from 4 to 6 p.m. Rob is a New Paltz resident, but does most of his watercolors while at his summer home in Maine. He will be showing a range of work from very small format to larger paintings. Rob's crisp edges and bold colors convey the dynamic energy of this coastal area. This show will be up until Dec. 4.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Did you miss the opening?

Greg Arnett had a great turnout for his opening at the gallery on Saturday. Beginning with a fascinating demonstration of one of his painting methods and continuing with scrumptious hors-d'oeuvres, Prosecco and beautiful art, it was an afternoon well-spent. If you couldn't make it, the show will continue through the month (Saturday afternoons or by appointment), but sorry, you missed the Prosecco! Hope to see you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Autumn" Show of my own Work in the Gallery

While Greg Arnett has his work in half of the gallery, I will be showing a selection of my fall landscapes for the month of October in the other half! Two shows in one location - a good reason to stop by over the weekend. I will have a range of work from 10" x 10" panels to 36" x 42" canvasses. Isn't fall an exquisite season?

Opening of Greg Arnett's Show, "Our Local Landscape"

Saturday, Oct. 9, Greg Arnett will open his show with an afternoon (2:30) demonstration of his painting techniques, followed by a reception from 4 - 6 p.m. Greg has been painting the local farmlands for many years ( I often look at his work and recognize spots I have painted also!). He suffuses his work with the quiet warmth of nineteenth-century traditional painting, tending toward the palette of Inness and the luminist school of painters. Greg is known to many in Marbletown for the enormous amount of work he did in the past keeping the events of the Marbletown Artists' Association going, from the studio tours to art scholarship funds for local students. Greg's show will be up until the end of the month, Oct. 30. Please come and have a look and see if you also can identify the locations of his work!

A Great End to the "Sanctuary" Show

The last weekend of the show by chance coincided with the fall "open" day at Slabsides, Burroughs' cabin at the sanctuary. I contacted someone at the preserve and took some cards for him to put out at the site. I was thrilled to have the great-granddaughter of Burroughs give me a call the next day, hoping to see the show! I opened the gallery for her on Sunday and had some conversations about future cooperative projects with the art and the sanctuary. Unfortunately, I didn't document the occasion with a photo, but wanted to share this wonderful connection with the family.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A few views from the"Sanctuary" opening

It's great to have all this work up together and compare notes with fellow artists and friends.
If you didn't make it, please stop by and get a look before it closes Oct. 2.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Sanctuary" show opens Sept. 11

For the month of September rather than showing a visiting artist, I am having a special show of my new body of work from the John Burroughs Sanctuary. These paintings and drawings are all based on the rock formations and their reflections at the pond on the preserve. Though using the visual reality of the site, they are edited and clarified by my own responses to the material. In my artist's statement concerning my work in general, I quote Wilde - "The mystery of the world is in the visible, rather than the invisible", and this is certainly the case in this body of work. The intricate geometry and delicate balances between the structures themselves and the reflected images were a revelation to me. I spent time on location doing small studies and photos, which I then used in the studio to create the larger works.
During one of my visits to the preserve, I was disrupted from my quiet work by a group of lively teenagers. I was particularly annoyed when one started loudly speaking into his cellphone. He was trying to explain where he was and was saying the word "sanc-tu-ar-y" very slowly and loudly,as though it might be a new word to either him or his listener. I now feel it was some sort of providential interference, as it led me to think of the word and all its
many meanings and how aptly they applied to my feelings about these images. The contrast of the immense heavy boulders looking about to fall but remaining balanced and still, and the solidity of the rock against the liquid moving water both speak of the paradoxes in life and the point of balance between these opposites. It seems particularly apt that the opening of this show has fallen on September 11, when we are reminded of the need for sanctuary and balance.
The opening will be Saturday, Sept. 11, from 3-5 (I'll be around for awhile if you want to come late) and the show will be up until Oct. 4.
Look for the next posting about the upcoming visiting artist, Greg Arnett, in October!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Opening in the Gallery- Joan Monastero's Work

The opening reception on July 3rd was a lovely event, with friends arriving from Albany and other areas to view the work. With Joan's water-based imagery and my paintings of the fields at the height of the season, it felt like the perfect summer show for July. We have decided to extend the show through Aug. 14, as I will be away for two weekends in August, visiting the "real" ocean, in Maine and Cape Cod, at the end of the month. Please stop by and catch this show!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Guest Artist in the Studio/Gallery for July

I am beginning a new and exciting addition to the studio/gallery hosting guest artists' work. My own work will continue to be on display, but one wall of the main space and an additional separate room will be for another artist of my selection. With the full force of summer upon us - heat and humidity, as well as blooming gardens - I am happy to announce the July show in the gallery of Joan Monastero, "Related to Water". These works on paper are selections from two different bodies of work that have water as a common thread. The first group are mixed media on old navigational maps ( the above photo is a detail from one of this group) and the second group are inks on paper or "painted drawings" from a residency in the Provincetown dune shacks. These are special pieces filled with both the buoyancy and the depth of water, exploring the spiritual symbolism as well as the natural imagery of the subject.
The opening reception will be July 3rd, 3-5 p.m. The show will run through the end of the month, July 31st.

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is the latest in my series from the John Burroughs sanctuary that I will be showing in future as a group. This painting is a 30" x 30" oil on canvas. Each painting is preceded by a full scale drawing in my studio and small on-site paintings and photos to document the light and values of the time. These rocks and reflections are a study in contrasts and paradox. There is weight and solidity, but also a sense that at any moment they could cascade into the water. The geometry and hard edges of the rock formations versus the fluidity and softness of the water and the reflections of those edges.There is also a sense of some hidden secure place within the center of these towering rocks and cool water - a sanctuary between.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Classes

Summer is around the corner and here are a few offerings from the studio-

Drawing from the Figure-

Using the forms of the figure to learn the basics of line, space, and values in drawing in charcoal. Not an anatomical orientation, but still true to the figure.
6 weekly classes, Sat. 10 -12, June 5 - July 10, $240.

Landscape Painting-

Using acrylic paint to ease the logistics of painting outdoors, we will spend time both on location and in the studio. This class will focus on "framing" the view to create the best composition and building the painting with an awareness of values and spaces. Some drawing experience necessary.
4 weekly classes, Sat. , 9-12, July 17 - Aug. 7, $200.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another take on the winter behind us now. During one of the big snowstorms, the tidal creek near my house became an enchanted place of subtle tones, muted edges and quiet stillness.
These are 12" x 12" on birchwood panel.
One more painting that came out of this series, but took a turn in the road. I may continue on a larger scale with this "zoom in" view idea. This, as well as all the other ones in this series (except for the longer rectangle which is larger) are 16" x 20" on canvas.

This is the new series of paintings from ice formations on the Hudson this winter. I call them "Breaking the Ice" - since it is a new subject and a new working space it seemed to fit.
Welcome to the new studio! It's a wonderful space and new work is developing here. The incredible spring weather has been calling me out to do some "on location" work (at the John Burroughs Sanctuary), that I then bring back and continue working on in the studio. As you can see, I am finishing up my winter series of ice formations along the Hudson and snowstorms on the tidal creek near my new home, that I will be photographing and posting next time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here are the class descriptions for the moment- summer will bring some new ventures!

Beginning to Intermediate Drawing-

We will be focussing on increased awareness of line, space, and values within the still life. Using this new sense of "seeing", students will find a convincing realism comes easily and quickly to their drawing. Students relate experiencing a whole new way of viewing the world in and out of class!
Materials: Charcoal and fine marker -a complete list of materials will be given before class
Cost: For two hour private class - 50.
For class of two people or more - 35.

Beginning to Intermediate Painting-

At least one class in drawing before this class is preferable. We will build on the awareness of values from drawing and apply this to the study of painting. A series of color studies from the still life will be done, using some of the techniques from the Impressionists and Fauves.

Materials: Acrylics or oils (acrylics preferable for this class) Complete list of materials will be given before class

Cost: For two hour private class - 50.
for group of two or more - 35.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Studio at Last!

As of next week, I will be in my new studio! Even though I have moved my home to Connelly, on the Rondout near the Strand in Kingston, I have decided to keep one foot back in Stone Ridge and will be on Rt. 209 in the center of town. I love the small historic town of Stone Ridge and want to keep in contact with all my old customers, students, and friends, so come by on Saturdays and see my new work. The gallery will be officially open as of May, but I will be setting up and starting classes in April. I'm across from the library, with access from the parking lot behind the building
(much better parking than in my old location!). I'll be posting some of my new work and also photos of the studio soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Transitions and New Landscapes

After a long break from this blog, I am back to update my situation.  I have moved from the beautiful fields of the Rondout Valley to the shores of the Rondout itself in Connelly.   My new terrain will be the preserves of the Scenic Hudson such as Black Creek and Esopus Meadows on the Hudson.  The view from my window is sailing masts in the marina!  The sad part was leaving my old studio behind - I am now in flux, with most of my studio in storage and seeking new space.  I have a very small space to continue working in the house temporarily, but will let you know when a new studio and classes happen in the next few months.  This painting (24" x24") is one of a new series, from Esopus Meadows preserve, I hope to complete of the ice on the river before spring thaw!