Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Series - New Space!

Cloud Series, Sunset 30" x 30" on canvas

I have been searching for a new subject to approach, and began with dramatic skies within a traditional landscape setting - now I have decided to focus entirely on the sky. I feel a need for air, space, and color after this grueling winter. Most of my work deals with patterns in nature, but usually involving more geometry. This is more about color, light, atmosphere, movement.
A new set of challenges! I've been seeing these colors and patterns when I close my eyes at night after painting half the day! I have many small (8" x 8") studies and now have begun two larger paintings, as above.
The other news is another move! Not far this time, luckily. I will be moving just down the hall at the Shirt Factory into my own space in #203. Come to the May 7th event, "Mayhem", and see the new work and new space, as well as enjoy a show in the gallery downstairs of other "Factory" artists, with music and refreshments.