Saturday, January 22, 2011

New location for a new year

Getting through January has been a challenge for us all! My winter classes did not get enough response to happen and I have decided to close the Stone Ridge studio/gallery. I will be moving the end of this month to a new studio within The Shirt Factory artspaces on Cornell St. in Kingston (#215). I hate to leave the Marbletown area where so much of my work has been centered, but it is time for a change. Having moved my home to the Rondout area last year, this space will be much closer for me, as well as being part of an artists' community within the building and connected to the Kingston art events. So, I will not be open on regular Saturdays, but on scheduled First Saturdays in Kingston and other announced events of my own. My work will also be available to view in the studio by appointment. It has been a pleasure to have the openings and the chance to show some of our local artists here in the Stone Ridge area. I hope some of you who came to the events here will make the trip to see the new space. I will make a new posting in future about an opening,etc. Thanks to all who came up to the studio here on Main St.!