Monday, June 28, 2010

Guest Artist in the Studio/Gallery for July

I am beginning a new and exciting addition to the studio/gallery hosting guest artists' work. My own work will continue to be on display, but one wall of the main space and an additional separate room will be for another artist of my selection. With the full force of summer upon us - heat and humidity, as well as blooming gardens - I am happy to announce the July show in the gallery of Joan Monastero, "Related to Water". These works on paper are selections from two different bodies of work that have water as a common thread. The first group are mixed media on old navigational maps ( the above photo is a detail from one of this group) and the second group are inks on paper or "painted drawings" from a residency in the Provincetown dune shacks. These are special pieces filled with both the buoyancy and the depth of water, exploring the spiritual symbolism as well as the natural imagery of the subject.
The opening reception will be July 3rd, 3-5 p.m. The show will run through the end of the month, July 31st.

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is the latest in my series from the John Burroughs sanctuary that I will be showing in future as a group. This painting is a 30" x 30" oil on canvas. Each painting is preceded by a full scale drawing in my studio and small on-site paintings and photos to document the light and values of the time. These rocks and reflections are a study in contrasts and paradox. There is weight and solidity, but also a sense that at any moment they could cascade into the water. The geometry and hard edges of the rock formations versus the fluidity and softness of the water and the reflections of those edges.There is also a sense of some hidden secure place within the center of these towering rocks and cool water - a sanctuary between.