Monday, February 8, 2010

Transitions and New Landscapes

After a long break from this blog, I am back to update my situation.  I have moved from the beautiful fields of the Rondout Valley to the shores of the Rondout itself in Connelly.   My new terrain will be the preserves of the Scenic Hudson such as Black Creek and Esopus Meadows on the Hudson.  The view from my window is sailing masts in the marina!  The sad part was leaving my old studio behind - I am now in flux, with most of my studio in storage and seeking new space.  I have a very small space to continue working in the house temporarily, but will let you know when a new studio and classes happen in the next few months.  This painting (24" x24") is one of a new series, from Esopus Meadows preserve, I hope to complete of the ice on the river before spring thaw!