Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Work for the April First Saturday

Since spring has been slow in coming, I have been delving into some of my images from past seasons to work from. The winter images are from the past few months around Ulster County.
I just couldn't do snow anymore! I have been focussing on dramatic skies and the challenge of capturing cloud patterns and movement on canvas. As in my rock and water images from last year, I am again seeing the paradox in this imagery - it appears solid and yet is really air and water. I remember the experience of flying through the clouds while on a plane - and then being above them where it looks as though you could walk on their surface!
The third painting above, is a small triptych on 5" x 5"panels of the view from Old Kings Highway in Accord in winter. The painting above it is of the same location in May. I love the way the fields are broken up with hedgerows and windbreaks, making interesting shapes and patterns to work with. This painting is 20" x 26".
I have more in the studio, so come and have a look this April 2, from 3-6.