Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another take on the winter behind us now. During one of the big snowstorms, the tidal creek near my house became an enchanted place of subtle tones, muted edges and quiet stillness.
These are 12" x 12" on birchwood panel.
One more painting that came out of this series, but took a turn in the road. I may continue on a larger scale with this "zoom in" view idea. This, as well as all the other ones in this series (except for the longer rectangle which is larger) are 16" x 20" on canvas.

This is the new series of paintings from ice formations on the Hudson this winter. I call them "Breaking the Ice" - since it is a new subject and a new working space it seemed to fit.
Welcome to the new studio! It's a wonderful space and new work is developing here. The incredible spring weather has been calling me out to do some "on location" work (at the John Burroughs Sanctuary), that I then bring back and continue working on in the studio. As you can see, I am finishing up my winter series of ice formations along the Hudson and snowstorms on the tidal creek near my new home, that I will be photographing and posting next time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here are the class descriptions for the moment- summer will bring some new ventures!

Beginning to Intermediate Drawing-

We will be focussing on increased awareness of line, space, and values within the still life. Using this new sense of "seeing", students will find a convincing realism comes easily and quickly to their drawing. Students relate experiencing a whole new way of viewing the world in and out of class!
Materials: Charcoal and fine marker -a complete list of materials will be given before class
Cost: For two hour private class - 50.
For class of two people or more - 35.

Beginning to Intermediate Painting-

At least one class in drawing before this class is preferable. We will build on the awareness of values from drawing and apply this to the study of painting. A series of color studies from the still life will be done, using some of the techniques from the Impressionists and Fauves.

Materials: Acrylics or oils (acrylics preferable for this class) Complete list of materials will be given before class

Cost: For two hour private class - 50.
for group of two or more - 35.