Monday, August 6, 2012

Indigo Dyeing - Continued

Next time around, I decided to not use the blender, but go back to the more time-honored cutting up method.  I used an old "mezzaluna" from my husband's Italian grandfather and the leaves were cut into fine pieces in a few minutes.  This made sieving it out much easier.  I found a source of cheap silk scarves for dyeing online and used those and a cotton t-shirt for dyeing this time.  Silk and wool take dyes better than cotton.  The photo of the scarves doesn't do the colors justice - they are really lovely.  I did a bit of resist techniques such as tying knots at intervals on a few also.  When the plants grow up again , I'll be harvesting more in September and will be prepared with more silk scarves and more Japanese resist patterning techniques to try!

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